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Construction Apprenticeship Program

An apprentice is an individual who develops marketable job skills in a structured training program. Upon completion of their apprenticeship, the apprentice will have learned many skills that will help them become knowledgeable in various work areas and will have basic knowledge of many other types of work. This will give them the opportunity to learn quickly on-the-job and become valuable employees to our signatory contractors. 


The following are skills you will obtain:

  • Concrete Placement
  • Pipe Laying
  • Back Filling
  • Trenching and Shoring
  • Scaffold Building
  • Form Stripping
  • Mason Tending
  • Safety Training and much more…


  • 18 years of age
  • High School Diploma, GED Equivalent or proof of a 10th grade education
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Must successfully complete an Pre-Apprenticeship Evaluation Course

Note: Proof of educations and Driver’s License must be present when you apply.

Length of Program:

  • 4,000 hours required of on-the-job-training (OJT)
  • Minimum of 145 hours per year of classroom instruction is required

Curriculum Offered:

Course Description Hours
Construction Safety Course & General Courses
First Aid, CPR & AED 6
Back Training & Nutrition 3
Flagperson, Traffic Control & Work Zone Safety 6
OSHA 10 10
Air Tools, Electrical Tools, Gas Engines, Chipping and Grinding 28
Computer Basic Training 3
Asbestos Awareness 3
Lead Awareness 3
Confined Space Entry Permitted (29CFR1926 SUBPART AA) 6
Fire Watch 3
Respiratory Protection 3
Rigging & Signaling 20
Aerial Boom Lift Operator 4
Man Lift/Scissor Lift Operator 4
Total 102
Site Construction
Sewer Pipe, Drain Pipe, Streets & Roads 40
Water Pipe Systems 40
Total 80
Building Construction
Concrete Training 40
Mason Tender -Includes Fall Protection(4hrs) & Scaffold Builder/User(4hrs) 40
Total 80
Plan Reading
Plan Reading & Line and Grade 28
Total 28

Wages and Benefits
Wages and benefits increase as you progress throught he program, at each level (Step) your compensation will be as follows:

Step Hours Wages Benefits
1 1-1000 $18.70 Health & Welfare only
2 1001-2000 $22.44 Annuity: $2.00/hr.
All other benefits, including diverted funds, to follow Laborer I contribution rate
3 2001-3000 $26.18 Same as step 2
4 3001-4000 $29.92 Same as step 2