Our Mission Statement:
Through tireless dedication, persistence and perseverance the Hawaii Laborers Training Programís (HLTP) mission is to produce the best-trained and highly skilled workforce for the present and future unionized construction industry.
The Hawaii Laborers Training Program (HLTP) is a union facility managed by Trustees from the Hawaii Laborersí Union, Local #368 and appointed Management personnel. Its main function is to provide training for members and apprentices of the Hawaii Laborersí Union. In addition the HLTP fulfills requests for training by signatory contractors to the Union who would like the employed Laborersí to receive specific upgrade training. 
HLTP provides training for all of the union members, an apprenticeship program to all those interested in construction and the non-construction training for those who are interested in seeking certification in a variety of environmental disciplines which could include golf course maintenance, service contracts, clean up and more.

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